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A story of growing

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Meet chantel
Diné | Founder

Chantel previously worked in the field of nutrition and public health since 2010. She has served urban, rural, and indigenous communities in her previoius positions at non-profits and tribal communities. Her love of plants and passion for teaching nutrition education, gardening, and now controlled environment agriculture has evolved into creating Indige Planted LLC. 


Arizona State University, BS - Nutrition

Arizona Master Florist, AzMF, Certification

Impact Through:

  • Sharing knowledge

  • Community building through workshops and events

  • Elevating Indigenous community members

  • Providing space to express creativity 


Community Focused

We align our products and services to better serve Indigenous and minority communities through positive hands-on educational and creative opportunities

We are empathetic and understanding of others

We treat all relatives with respect


We are grateful for the opportunity to exchange knowledge and provide meaningful experiences with our community

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